About Us

Ji is a reflection of our love for handcrafted textiles. We are a woman-owned textile studio based out of California, with focus on resist-dyeing, hand weaving and hand block printing. Travels across India, and training with several artisans taught us a thing or two about textile dyeing and printing, and inspired the launch of our home-based studio, where our creations come alive. From designing and sourcing materials, to dyeing and sewing products to a finish, we do it all right here.
Our store features creations that are envisioned and developed in-house as well as products that are a result of collaborative efforts with fellow designers and artisan partners who share our vision - to provide fair wages and good working conditions for artisans, improve livelihoods and preserve traditional craft.
Our range of products celebrate the vast diversity of textile craft techniques from India, some of them several centuries old, and the skills for which have been passed down multiple generations. Our master artisans join hands with us as we continually create modern interpretations to age-old craft forms, evolve to employ more sustainable materials and produce painstakingly handcrafted textiles.
We welcome you to join us in embracing the unhurried and ‘imperfect’ nature of handcrafting culture.
Handcrafted with love,
Ji Clothing & Living