About Us


Ji is a California-based studio that explores artisanal skills, roots and stories through limited collections of home textiles and clothing accessories. Our conscious choice to create in small quantities allows us to bring awareness around craftsmanship, textile heritage and environmental responsibility. We honor time-tested craft techniques such as handloom weaving, block printing and resist dyeing by producing seasonless, earth-friendly pieces that are long-lasting and transcend trends.  

Our store features creations that are envisioned and developed in-house as well as products that are a result of collaborative efforts with fellow designers and social enterprise partners who share our vision. Our master artisans join hands with us as we continually make modern interpretations of age-old craft forms, evolve to employ more eco-friendly materials and develop thoughtful, handcrafted textiles.

We welcome you to join us in embracing the unhurried and ‘imperfect’ nature of handcrafting culture.


Ji Clothing & Living